My personal experience with The Sedona Method is that it has helped me more than anything, in the 20 years of my doing countless workshops and other teachings. I think The Sedona Method is so powerful because, in a way it is so simple. It is a way to release any difficult or long-standing emotion you have right on the spot. It is useful for anxiety, depression, creating better relationships, bringing more calm and peace in your life, creating more abundance, and more. I personally had anxiety attacks several years ago when going through a lot of stress and since using the The Sedona Method, I have not had one.

I’ll try and give you all a personal experience with releasing, using The Sedona Method. For those who may want more information there is a whole page on my website for The Sedona Method. The address is http://www.meditationsunlimited.com

A lot of our stress comes from resistance to the present moment. We are usually wanting things to be diffferent than they are in one way or another.

One of the ways to release stress is to release on wanting things to change. That doesn’t mean not taking action on the things you can change. It simply means, in the moment could you let go of wanting to change___________ ? You fill in the blank.

Here are some useful questions and suggestions from the book, The Sedona Method, by Hale Dwoskin.

Think of something in your life you’d like to change. Then begin to take a few moments and close your eyes, focus inside and relax. Next, think of the specific person or thing in your life that you wish were different, that you would like to change. And just for this moment could you allow whatever feeling came up about that to be there.

Now again, think about that thing you’d like to change and just for THIS moment could you let the situation be as it is? Could you allow the emotions or body sensations you have to be there? Could you welcome whatever is there? If you’re having difficulty letting go of wanting your particular situation to change, could you let that be OK too. I know this may seem counterintuitive, but it is extremely helpful to not resist our anxiety, depression, or whatever we are experiencing.

Notice how you feel now. Do you feel any lighter, or more a ease than before?

Here is a direct passage from The Sedona Method book.

“Focus inside again, and allow yourself to become aware of something else that you want to change. It could be a person, a place, a thing, or a situation. Whatever it is, simply focus on it and feel what it’s like to want to change it.

Then, could you let it go?

Would you?


Now, focus on that same thing or something else you’d like to change in your life that you’d like to change.

And, could you let go of wanting to change it?

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with changing things in life that you’d like to change. We very often get stuck in “wanting” rather than taking action. So, it’s a good idea to experiment with letting go of wanting to change it.

Notice how you feel inside right now. Perhaps you have a sense of space opening up, deep inside you, as you let go of wanting to change things. Does letting go of wanting to change things make you feel a bit uncomfortable? Does it make you feel a little out of control? Could you welcome the feeling?

Then, could you let go of wanting to change it?

Would you?

Could you?

When? …

Now, could you allow youself to feel exactly the way you feel in this moment? Could you welcome it? Whenever you selcomethe way you feel, whenever you allow it, you’re embracing a natural way of letting go of wanting to change it.

I hope this has been helpful.



Hello and welcome to Diane’s blog on living a more stress-free life.
You will get tips and tools for:
• Relaxing when you only have 10 minutes
• Releasing Stress
• Improving Relationships ( Greatly related to how stressful our lives are)
• Meditation how to’s ie using meditation for healing, relaxing, and more…
• Prioritizing what’s most important and making time for that
• How to slow down to the “Speed of Love”

Today the topic is meditation:

Diane and her "Ragdoll" cat Malibu

Diane and Malibu

There is a place that exists deep within us, that is deeper than the daily stresses of life that is completely at peace. If you would like to learn to tune into that place more often and make it a habit in your daily life then read on.
There are many scientific articles on the benefits of relaxation for your body and your brain. To get those benefits, you don’t have to take years to learn to meditate, in fact you can start to get benefits from these relaxation tips instantly. Most of us have a fast paced lifestyle with a lot of our energy going out all day long. Much energy goes out through our senses, our eyes, ears, etc., not to mention the fact that a lot of people sit and work at a compute or desk for many hours at a time. This has a tendency to bring one’s energy up into the head and making one feel disconnected from their body. Meditation is geared toward bringing one’s attention back into oneself and can be very helpful in slowing down and quieting the mind.

Try this now, set aside whatever you are doing and take 3 slow deep breaths, while noticing any tension in your body. Even though it may seem paradoxical, aee if you can allow or welcome whatever you are feeling, even if there is discomfort arising. Did you ever hear the saying “Whatever we resist persits?” Well I’ve discovered that for me this is true.
Bringin your attention back to your breath, begin to notice any discomfort and let it be there just for this moment. Now begin to notice how you are sitting, can you shift your position to make yourself more comfortable? Good. Now just begin to feel deeply inside your body as if from the inside out. Begin bringing attention from the outside to the inside only as much as you can. Feel the support of the chair beneath you, feel the sensation of your clothes on your skin, begin to notice any muscles that are tense and see if you can allow them to relax, as best as you can in this moment. Stop trying to go anywhere or do anything for this moment. Let all the outside demands of the world go just in this moment. Now notice, has your breath lightened up a little, do you feel a little more relaxed?

This is just of taste of how quickly you can transform stress into relaxation.
For years I tried to meditate on my own and found it extremely difficult to do. That is when I started listening to different guided meditaions and found they were more helpful in getting my body/mind to slow down and learn to relax.

This is why I offer guided meditations in addition to the work I do with counseling and coaching. It is something you can do anytime day or night that will help you come back to your center and bring more peace into your life. Over time your body will learn to relax more and more and you will be able to incorporate those tools into your daily life. If you are interested in the guided meditations I offer, please visit my website at http://www.meditationsunlimited.com.

Sometimes you have to try a few meditations to get the right one(s) for you. The meditations I create have soothing music in the background to aid one in the calmng and centering of the body/mind. I offer a large selection of guided imagery and meditation CD’s to assist people in finding ways to deeply relax and to assist in dealing with issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and there are even some CD’s for children including CD’s on how to deal with the stress of taking exams. While counseling and coaching can be life transforming, it is also helpful to have additional support in dealing with day to day stress.

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